Bouncy Cat Toys - Acrylic Christmas Lights

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Bouncys are made from a flexible plastic tube covered in fleece which gives them a "bounce" when your cat pulls on the attached toy. 

Acrylic Christmas Lights Bouncys are fillable ornaments shaped like Christmas Lights and covered with faux fur, boa pieces or decorative yarn.  (Water soluble, non-toxic glue is used to attach the decoration to the ornament).  The handle is about 18" long and the ornaments are attached to the handle with plastic canvas cord in varying lengths -- from 8" to 20".  The ornaments have bells inside that ring when the toy is moved.  This is an interactive toy.  Your cat will have a ball trying to catch these colorful toys.  Surface washing is recommended.    

Note:  The Christmas Lights will break if stepped on or if a large dog or other animal bites down on them.  So, as with all pet toys, check for damage and discard if any is found.  The decoration will also come off if they are dropped in the water dish, washed in the sink or washing machine or in anything else involving water because the glue is water soluble.