Loops Rattle Ball Cat Toy

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These rattle balls are made from 60mm fillable ornaments that I put BB's inside.  The two halves of the ornament are glued together with water soluble, non-toxic glue and then covered with decorative yarn with the same glue.  Your cat will have a great time batting these balls around.  Small dogs may also have fun playing with these toys.  Washing or wet cleaning of any kind is not recommended.

Note:  These are not recommended for bigger dogs because they will crush if a dog would bite into it and could cause injury to the dog.  They also will crush when stepped on or thrown with enough force against a wall or floor.  As with all toys, check for any damage before playing and remove if any is found to avoid injury to your pet. 

Also, the glue used is water soluble, so don't drop them in the water bowl, wash them in the sink or washing machine or do anything else involving water with these toys because the yarn will come off the outside or the ball may come apart and the BB's spill out.