Paracord Y Dog Toy

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These Y toys are made from 8 strands of 550 paracord, braided with 4 square braid, and heat sealed on the ends to help keep the legs from unraveling.  Each leg of the Y is about 4 1/2" long and the legs are a little bigger than a quarter in diameter.  These toys are sturdy, durable and flexible.  They are made to be an interactive toy not a chew toy.  The ends of the legs may come undone and the toy will unravel if a dog chews on it like a chew toy.  Your dog will have a great time chasing after this toy.  Surface washing is recommended.

Note: These are not a chew toy (like a rawhide) but a fetch toy (like a ball or a frisbee). Dogs with sharp, pointy teeth may chew thru the cording and unravel the toy.  As with all toys, check for any damage before playing and remove from pet's reach if any is found to avoid injury to your pet.